Lead Acid battery repair?

Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in automobiles, generators, backup power systems, and other applications. This is mainly due to their low cost and high energy density. However, over time, lead-acid batteries can lose their ability to hold a charge, which can be frustrating and costly to replace. Fortunately, with the help of a battery repair charger, you can restore the capacity of your lead-acid battery.


The battery repair chargers are widely available in the market and also called as desulfators. It works by breaking down the sulfate crystals that can form on the battery plates over time. The Sulfate buildup is a common cause of decreased battery capacity. It can be particularly problematic in lead-acid batteries if they have left sitting for long periods of time.

Intelligent Battery Repair charger
Intelligent Battery Repair charger
To repair a lead-acid battery using a battery repair charger, follow these steps:
  1. Check the battery’s voltage: Before you begin, use a multimeter to check the voltage of the battery. If the voltage of the battery is above 10 Volts, then you are lucky to get the battery back to its life again.
  2. Disconnect the battery: Make sure the battery is disconnected from any devices. And remove it from the vehicle or system it is powering.
  3. Connect the battery to the charger: Connect the battery to the repair charger according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The charger will start working to break down the sulfate crystals on the battery plates.
  4. Monitor the charger: Keep an eye on the charger while it is working. The charging process can take several hours or even days, depending on the severity of the sulfate buildup.
  5. Test the battery: Once the charging process is complete, disconnect the battery from the charger. Then test its voltage using a multimeter. A good and successfully recovered battery will show its voltage minimum of 12.6V.


If the battery is still does not hold a charge after repairing it with a battery repair charger, it may be time to replace it.


In conclusion, if you have a lead-acid battery that has lost its ability to hold a charge, don’t throw it away just yet. With the help of a battery repair charger, you may be able to restore it to its former capacity. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and monitor the charging process closely. This is to ensure that you achieve the best possible results.

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